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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Compressed Natural Gas or popularly known as "CNG" is made from compressing natural gas which is a clean energy fuel consisting primary of methane (CH4) that can substitute other energy fuel like gasoline (petrol), diesel fuel, and even petroleum gas (LPG).

CNG Station Infrastructure

CNG itself is made by compressing the natural gas in a gas compressing facility called CNG Filling Station, which consist of several machinery equipments and piping installation, and then filled in to a hard specialized containers.

CNG Mobile Storage

After natural gas is compressed at the CNG Station, it is then stored at a CNG cylinder tanks, which are put together as a cascade and each tank is connected with one another.

RRS and CNG Business

RRS have been involved and experienced in the CNG Industry in Indonesia since 2005. Lead by our President Director, Mr. Robbi R. Sukardi, our team have been involved with several CNG business projects.

CNG Conversion Kit

Conversion kit is a package of equipments that can transfers high pressure natural gas from the vehicle's storage tank to the engine compartment where pressure is reduced to the operating pressure of the engine's fuel-management system.


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Business & Financial Support

We work together with all stakeholders and combine with our selected personnel and business partners as one unit.


CNG Business

RRS company´s personnels have been involved and experienced in the CNG industry in Indonesia since 2005.


RRS Shared Knowledge

“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.”



CNG Conversion in Indonesia/ Konversi ke BBG

Hino 260ps converted to 100% CNG

Diesel Mitshubishi Fuso convert to 100% CNG

Eksibisi Mobil CNG - BBG

Pertagas Naga MRU

PT Green Transportasi Indonesia (Green Trans)

Our Clients

PT. Indogas Kriya Dwiguna
PT. T Energy
PT. Bumi Anugerah Semesta
CP Group
PT. Gagas Energi Indonesia
Living World Mall
PT. Karawang Food Lestari
PT. Golden Energy Mines, Tbk
PT. Toyobo Knitting Indonesia
PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor
Grand Dadap
Duta CNG
PT. Petross Gas
PT. Mentari Fajar Gemilang

Recent News

Press Release Asosiasi Perusahaan CNG Indonesia tentang Bahan Bakar Gas
Press Release Asosiasi Perusahaan CNG Indonesia tentang Bahan Bakar Gas
SPBBG akan terus Bertambah
SPBBG akan terus Bertambah
PGN Bangun 60 Unit SPBG Hingga 2019
Green Transportasi Indonesia
Green Transportasi Indonesia
PT. Raja Rafa Samudra & PT. Indayana Permata kolobroasi dalam mendirikan usaha Logistik & Penyewaan Kendaraan yang mengunakan Bahan Bakar Ramah Lingkungan BBG/CNG.
3 Keunggulan BBG
3 Keunggulan BBG
3 Kenunggulan BBG CNG dibandingkan Bahan Bakar Lain
Kebakaran Bus Transjakarta bukan karena BBG
Kebakaran Bus Transjakarta bukan karena BBG
Ketua APCNGI: Bus Transjakarta bukan karena kendaraan berbahan bakar gas, namun disebabkan diluar faktor BBG
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