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CNG Sector Development Advisory

Our group has been recognized as the first-mover or pioneer of the downstream sector of CNG and CBG in Indonesia. Our management were the first to build and operating public CNG Stations for transportation in Jakarta in 2005 and develop a CNG Station for industrial in East Java in 2010 before the RRS Company was established, the first ever successful and commercialize dedicated conversion truck (see PT. Raja Gas Samudra), the first logistic company using all CNG Fueled trucks (see PT. Green Transportasi Indonesia), and the first ever company in Indonesia that has successfully built a complete value chain infrastructure from POME waste to generate electricity and distribution of the CBG (see PT. Raja Gas Kharisma).

Having this knowledge and expertise, our management on a restrictive basis can offer advisory services as follow:

  1. Provide advisory, assistant, and report on every aspect during the planning, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning (EPCI & C) for a CNG Station development.
  2. Develop layout and engineering installation drawing (Layout Plan & CNG site P&ID).
  3. EPCI & C’s Working Schedule Planning.
  4. On Site CNG Station Monitoring of the Working Schedule.
  5. Standard Operating Procedure of the CNG Station development.
  6. Assistant support in developing and mapping potential CNG customers including drafting and providing the legal Sales Purchase Agreement contracts.
  7. Assist in developing and/or reviewing financial business plan which include financial projections in earnings, costing and budgetary for CNG Station operational, loan payments (if any), and financial economic feasibility.
  8. Any other request advisory and assistant from clients on the CNG business is accepted and will be fully provided.

Documents typically to be delivered for our services are as follow:

  1. EPCI & C Working Schedule Planning Report in Microsoft Project Management Format (Hard and Soft Copy);
  2. Budget Requirements Planning Report for the Project Development in Microsoft Excel Format (Hard and Soft Copy);
  3. Milestone Activities Report (Weekly and Monthly) in Microsoft Word or Excel or Project as suits (Hard and Soft Copy).
  4. Diagram & Drawing in Autocad Format.
  5. CNG Station Technical Installation Reference Guideline Standard documents which include project outline, basic process, electrical basic design, basic piping design, fire and safety zone area;
  6. Financial Business Plan Modeling in Microsoft Excel Format.
  7. Standard Operating Procedural Manuals in Microsoft Word Format.
  8. Others that suits toward the Clients need.

Aside from acting as an advisory, PT. Raja Rafa Samudra can undertake as the investor or partnership in the development of a CNG Station (both Mother & Daughter Station) for private vehicles and/or bulk storage at any designated location given that it is feasible to do so. For biogas development is done through our sister company, PT. Raja Gas Kharisma.

Our work typically entails from the beginning design of the CNG Station suitable to a required area land space and gas condition, supplying all of the natural gas equipment required to compressing and dispensing gas to your natural gas vehicles (NGV) and CNG bulk storage transport for daughter station at a required flow rate production, constructing the entire ground and above civil work, installing the pipeline and electrical work within the parameters of the operational condition, and until commissioning of the CNG stations ready for use. Also, we provide operational and maintenance training for the CNG Station, and CNG market finding and development.

Our partnership is open for Joint Operation (JO), Built-Operate-Own (BOO), Built-Operate-Transfer (BOT) scheme, or Direct Wholly Investment, and/or others agreement that can best suited and mutually benefited.