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CNG Transport Services

One of the option to deliver gas aside the traditional way through pipeline is a virtual pipeline principle where by the natural gas after being compressed at a very high pressure up to 250 kg/cm2 (bar), are then filled and stored in a several CNG cylinder, which are put together as a cascade and each tank is connected with one another.

The cascade cylinders then are delivered using truck fleet to the customers designated area. The volume of gas that can be delivered per trip is depended upon the type of transportation mode being used. The bigger the capacities of the truck fleet, the more cascade able to be transported, hence, the larger amount of volume of gas that is being distributed.

The continuous supply of CNG at the customer end will follow a Milk Run delivery method in which the CNG transport fleet will delivery and exchange the cascade storage on a scheduled basis as according to the amount of gas being downloaded or depleted from the cascade storage.

With this concept of a virtual pipeline, we can provide the most economical solution services to ensure an effective CNG Supply & Delivery using our various Gas Transport Module (GTM) as follow:

  1. Cradle Type (48 m³ – 80 m³) using Diesel fueled or CNG Trucks
  2. Armrol Type (300 m³ – 600 m³) using Diesel fueled or CNG Trucks
  3. Dedicated Type (900 m³ – 2000 m³) using Diesel fueled or CNG Trucks
  4. Trailer Type (3000 m³ – 6000 m³) using Diesel fueled or CNG Trucks
  5. Customize Volume Cascade Storage and delivery fleets
  6. Only the Trucks Rental or transport service (see Green Transportasi Indonesia)