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Logistic & Transportation Delivery Services

Our company, PT. Green Transportasi Indonesia or simply “Green-Trans”, was established in September 2015, occupying 3 Mono-CNG converted vehicles for the purpose to transport CNG supply to factories and shopping mall outlet as media of a virtual gas pipeline.

Moving forward, it then receive a positive interest from other companies, mostly multinational and publicly traded companies with a vision to use an efficient and long-term sustainable energy in its logistic activities in order to keep its carbon emissions from road transport as low as possible. Currently we operate around 40 trucks from various types brand and size, ranging from 10 ft light truck, to heavy-duty truck of 20 ft and 40 ft Tractor Head Trailer.

Despite of the current world’s low oil price and that Indonesia remain subsidizing diesel fuel making it less attractive to use CNG Fuel, Green-Trans has managed to create an advantage value and niche market by providing a “Go-Green” concept with a sustainable and stable cost effective supply chain solution for the logistic industry in Indonesia.

We thrive to lead by doing in changing the transportation business in Indonesia to utilize more on the more readily available of natural gas fuel in the form of CNG, or in future, in the form of LNG. Being the first transportation company using all green fuel fleets, provides a First Mover Advantage against other logistic company players that might come in the future. Our proud vision and slogan is “Delivering Goods in an Environmentally Cleaner Way“.