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CNG Equipment Supply & Rental

The companies formed as the RRS Group are your one-stop shop for everything to do with equipment and supply systems for CNG gases. From simple components for industrial gases and automobiles, to high-tech equipment for gas compressing and distribution, all that meets the highest standards of safety, leak-tightness and purity as to both international and Indonesian regulatory requirements.

Our most important products we have available at a glance:

  1. CNG Conversion Kits (see Raja Gas Samudra)
    • Cars
    • Trucks
    • Gensets
  2. CNG Pressure Reduction System (PRS), with capacity flow size:
    • Mini < 15 m³/hour
    • Small < 30 m³/ hour
    • Medium < 200 m³/hour
    • Large < 500 m³/hour
    • Giant < 2000 m³/hour
  3. CNG Cascade Storage:
    • Single CNG Cylinder
    • Cradle Type
    • Armrol Type
    • Gas Transport Module (GTM) Type
    • Trailer Type
  4. Gas Generator Set
  5. CNG Compressor

CNG Equipment Supply PRS System

CNG Equipment Supply CNG Cascade Skid

CNG Equipment Supply CNG Cradle