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CBG Distribution System

Biogas that has been processed through stages of treatment can result to an output gas similar, or in fact some are better, than that being supplied by the standard natural gas company provider in Indonesia. Because this biomethane gas composition reflects the same with the natural gas composition, it can be delivered directly to the user through pipeline, or injected to the natural gas distribution pipeline available in the area.

However, in many cases in Indonesia, due to the location of the source of biomethane are far away and unfeasible to extend such media of gas delivery through pipeline, there is an alternative way of the delivery of the biomethane that is through CBG, which uses the concept of a virtual pipeline.

The premise of the virtual pipeline is that biomethane gas and natural gas can be economically handled and transported effectively to any locations where a logistic vehicle can go. Such virtual pipeline technologies is the combination of the natural gas or biomethane gas after being compressed, than filled in to a hard specialized containers called a Cascade Cylinders Storage (“Cascade Storage”) at an average pressure of 200 – 250 kg/m2 (bar).

This cascade cylinders then are delivered using truck fleet and even through ships to the customers designated area. The volume of gas that can be delivered per shipment is depended upon the type of transportation mode being used. The bigger the capacities of the truck fleet, for instance, the more Cascade Storage able to be transported, hence, the larger amount of volume of gas that can be distributed.

Once the CBG is being delivered through this concept of a virtual pipeline, the downloading of CBG will require additional gas equipment to reduce the high pressurized gas in the cylinder to be flow into the designated equipment that requires the gas fuel. We provide a customized equipment called as a pressure reduction system (PRS) as accordingly to the require pressure and flow from both end of equipment, cascade storage to the user’s application equipment. All this concept are similar to that what PT. Raja Rafa Samudra offers for its CNG Services.