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LPG Conversion Kits & Parts Suppliers

Aside that our Company provides conversions for CNG, we also own an exclusive Distributorship on LPG Conversion Kit from GasItaly. Our LPG Conversion kit is very suitable to be use on small scale petrol engine with capacity under 25 HP, as such used in many fishery boats and agricultural equipment in Indonesia to be converted from petrol to LPG fuel.

Our LPG Conversion kit has been tested and approved by PT. Honda Power Products Indonesia, as the sole distributor company appointed by the Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co., Ltd.; thus, have led PT. RRS also to be officially granted to market and distribute the Honda LPG Converted equipment, as well as the after sale services.

Our Conversion kit are not only international certified by the ECE UN R67e, but also has an SNI EN 12806:2015 approved with the brand name RRS – GI.