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PT Green Transportasi Indonesia

Green Transportation Indonesia or abbreviated as “GreenTrans” or “G-Trans” is a company that provides ground transportation services using a fleet that has used CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) type of gas.

GreenTrans which was founded on 14 September 2015 is a collaborative company between companies engaged in the well-known CNG business in Indonesia, namely PT. Raja Rafa Samudra and a logistics company with more than 10 years of experience, namely PT. Indayana Permata.

Methane (CH4) natural gas fuel is the choice of fuel for all of our vehicles because natural gas has cleaner results, higher octane numbers, and lower CO2 emissions compared to other fuels. Thus, companies that use our fleet will certainly bring a positive image as a company that considers the payment of emissions for each of its business activities, in addition to providing efficiency in operating costs because CNG fuel prices are more efficient and stable for fuel oil.

Furthermore, the use of a gas-fueled fleet has been supported by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in the diversification and national energy security strategy considering that Indonesia is the second-largest producer and owner of natural gas in the Asia Pacific after China.

It is our pride not only because we make a real contribution in helping to create more earth, but also because we are the first logistics company in Indonesia to develop all of its vehicles with this environmentally friendly fuel.

In running its business, GreenTrans has an ideology that supports its vision and mission as follows:


As an Environmentally Friendly Logistics and Vehicle Rental Company, with a motto “Delivering Goods in an Environmentally Cleaner Way.


  1. Being a leading and trusted company in the field of providing vehicles and land transportation services.
  2. Being a company of integrity, quality and professionalism in every service activity.
  3. Become a leading company and uphold in terms of the use of environmentally friendly technology in all its work activities.
  4. Being a company that is responsible for the welfare and improvement of the expertise of its employees, as well as in efforts to obtain optimal economic and social benefits for its shareholders.
  5. Become a company that integrates the distribution chain from the provision of infrastructure to the operational management of shipping goods so as to provide the best value efficiency and effectiveness for consumers.
  6. As a company that understands and understands that the use of natural gas is good for users because of the efficiency obtained, for vehicle engines due to perfect combustion and high octane, and for the earth because it does not cause pollution.