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PT Raja Rafa Samudra

Raja Rafa Samudra (“RRS”), which was established on 31 May 2011 in Jakarta by Mr. Robbi Renaldi Sukardi, is the holding company for RRS group. RRS is the leading One-Stop Company serving the downstream gas sector business in Indonesia. RRS specializes in CNG Advisory, CNG Transport, CNG Supply, CNG Infrastructure Operatorship & Maintenance, CNG Truck Logistics, Gas Conversion Services, and BioMethane/CBG developer.

RRS activities are done not only through its direct business unit but also through its 3 (three) sister companies, which are PT. Raja Gas Samudra (“RGS”), PT. Green Transportasi Indonesia (“GreenTrans”), and PT. Raja Gas Kharisma (“RGK”). While RGS focuses on conversion technical services for both gasoline and diesel engine to CNG and/or to LPG, GreenTrans is a logistics company that utilizes CNG fuelled trucks.

RGS has a partnership alliance with Tiger Automotive Ltd from Thailand. Finally, RGK, which was formed in late 2018 with Concord Group from Malaysia, is a company that provides full-service development of the entire value chain for the production and processing of biogas, biomethane, and compressed biomethane.