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PT Raja Gas Kharisma

Raja Gas Kharisma or (“RGK“) which was established in Jakarta on 15 November 2018 is a joint venture between an Indonesian company namely PT. Raja Rafa Samudra with 70% ownership, with a foreign capital company (PMA) PT. Energi Global Persada, which is majority-owned by Concord Group Sdn, Bhd from Malaysia.

RGK is engaged in the business of developing new and renewable energy, specifically processing waste into Biogas, Bio-Electricity, and also Biomethane (Compressed Biomethane Gas or CBG) which are used as substitutes and/or new energy alternatives to replace other fuels. This company is the first company in Indonesia to apply and commercialize Biogas Upgrading and Compressed Biomethane (CBM) technology to be used as a substitute fuel for diesel fuel for trucks and electric generators.